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800 Calorie Diet Plan


Quick Weight Loss


   Results of 800 Calorie Diet

  • Immediate acceleration of fat burning.

  • Weight reduction: The average weight loss is from 2,2 up to 3,8 kg (5 up to 8 pounds) a week. The results may vary from person to person.

  • Lowering blood glucose levels.

  • Lowering uric acid levels.

  • Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

  • Preventing from weakness and yo-yo effect, providing mental clarity, a sense of lightness and high energy levels.

  • Reducing the tendency to inflammation and degenerative processes.

 What You Get

  • Medical advice on how to use the 800 Calorie Diet.
  • 14-day diet plan of 800 calorie a day with detailed recipes of easy to prepare delicious healthy meals and natural weight loss smoothies in traditional and vegetarian version.

  • Shopping list.

  • Instruction on using the diet.

  • Results control table.

  • Dr Bardadyn tips on effective weight loss.

  • List of the most valuable diet food products.

  • Easy routine 15 minutes fitness program strengthening the body and stimulating metabolism.

52 pages sent in PDF file for use on a computer, tablet, smartphone and for printing.

Price:  € 89.00 (EUR)

Recommended Duration of Use

800 calorie diet can be used until it is achieved expected body weight.

quick weight loss


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